NonSurgical Technologies Are Big Business

Though non-surgical technologies like laser hair removal have been around for the last fifteen or more years, there is an increased popularity in the procedure in the recent years. Research shows the technology is the number one non-invasive cosmetic treatment performed today with an annual growth of 18%. Tremendous advances in the laser hair removal Boston sector are evident over last decade with physicians in Boston becoming pioneers in the application of the exciting technology.


What is laser hair removal?

It is a non-invasive medical procedure that uses a pulsating beam of light to eliminate unwanted hair. The most common treatment areas include the underarms, legs, chin, the upper lip and around the bikini line (not recommended for the eyelid and other surrounding areas). The technology uses the principle of selective photo thermolysis to rid of hair and potential regrowth without destroying the surrounding skin.

How it works

The technology uses light energy to disable hair follicles permanently. During the procedure, melanin found in the hair shaft absorbs the light energy increasing the temperature of the hair follicle. The increased temperature destroys the cells responsible for hair regrowth thermally. Note that the light beams are chosen selectively to ensure only hair cells are destroyed not the rest of the skin.


The light energy is attracted to the hair pigment just like sunlight is drawn to darker clothes; thus, laser hair removal works best on people with a fair complexion and dark, coarse hair. People with darker skin, however, have more melanin in their skin which competes with the hair follicles for light energy causing skin damage instead of the targeted hair follicle. But, advanced laser technologies used in Boston come with hair removal capabilities for different skins and hair color combinations. They are designed to overlook the melanin in the skin thus treating all types of skin.

The number of treatments required

Studies show that 50%-80% of the body’s hair follicles are in the active growth phase at any one time thus the need for multiple laser treatments; only a few patients achieve reasonable hair removal after a single treatment. The number of laser hair removal Boston treatments range from 3-5 treatment depending on the area of treatment, the hair density and growth cycle. The hair becomes finer, lighter and thinner after every treatment.


What to expect on the day of the procedure

The hair removal procedure is performed on an outpatient basis. Today, there are plenty of laser removal clinics in Boston using state-of-art technology for both men and women. The surgeon applies an anesthetic gel before the treatment and a skin cooling gel during the procedure to keep the patient comfortable. The process takes 15-30 minutes with slight stinging sensation, but it may last longer. Hair around the arms, legs and bikini area, tend to be easy to remove while the facial hair on the lip and chin is sometimes resistant to treatment. After the hair removal procedure, the skin becomes smoother with minor irritation and redness which quickly fades away. Doctors recommend avoiding sun exposure till the area heals and the use of sunscreen whenever the area is exposed to the sun. Treatments are performed every 4-6 weeks.

Finding Toners For Big Printers In Vancouver BC

Finding cheap but quality toner cartridges in Vancouver should not be much of a problem since deals in cheap ink and toner cartridges. Whatever the brand or model of your printer, they will be able to find a toner cartridge that suits your printer or copier. You have a number of options to choose from when looking for an affordable toner cartridge to meet the requirements of your office or home. It does not matter whether your printer is from Canon, Epson, Brother, HP, Kodak, IBM, Apple, Samsung, Lexmark, Ricoh, Dell, Sharp, Xerox, Toshiba or for that matter any other brand, the chances are that Vancouver Printer Repair OptionsPrinter Repair Vancouver will be able to find a cartridge for your printer at a very affordable price.

Toner for big printers is a unique and special kind of ink that is used in newer and big laser printers, and old big copy machines. A printer toner for big printer is made out of a dry powder, and when it receives an electric charge it switches polarity and imprints the paper you are printing on or copying. In almost every type of printer, the printer toner comes in a small cartridge casing that you put right into your printer. When you run out of ink, you can easily take it out and replace it, or you can even buy your own toner and refill it yourself. Many of the newer big printers allow you to print more than 1,000 papers before running out of toner.

Choose the Right Printer Repair Company in Vancouver

If you want to find the best and the most affordable toner cartridges for your printer the internet is a very good place to begin your search. deals with different kinds of cartridges. This company offers cartridges at lower prices than most branded companies and manufacturers. Most business establishments prefer to buy from the online printer repair Vancouver company since the difference in prices can be pretty substantial and in some instances it can be as high as seventy percent. Hence, it is important that you choose this company that offers you very good quality toner cartridges at affordable prices.

Here is a troubleshooting video that can help you fix minor toner errors with your HP printer.

Science Behind Supplements To Lose Weight

Forskolin was featured on Dr. Oz TV show. Like Garcinia Cambogia, Forskolin is also effective as a weight loss supplement. Long ago, Garcinia was very popular and bought by myriad of people across the globe. Now, it has been outnumbered by the latest, most prominent weight loss supplement, pure Forskolin.

What do science and experts say about Forskolin?

Forskolin is herb extracted from Coleus Forskohlii, which is a plant belonging to a mint family. It promotes the growth of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (AMP) that increases the contraction of heart muscles. The evidence for that matter is yet unknown since it is still preliminary.

Nevertheless, a speculation arose from experts. They think the production of cyclic AMP could affirmatively affect the other cells in the body, such as thyroid cells and platelets. It could prevent platelet adhesion and aggregation. In addition, it could also prevent metastatic breast cancer and tumor cell growth. That said, these hypotheses are still analyzed whether the increase of cyclic AMP is safe for those purposes.

Experts from the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database describe pure Forskolin as perhaps effective to be used as an inhaled treatment for asthma and as an intravenous medicine for idiopathic cardiomyopathy. It has also been said that it probably reduces intraocular pressure except glaucoma. In the study, the use of Forskolin is possibly safe.

Also, in the aforementioned study, the experts did not mention about weight loss. Much of the researches today do not focus on pure Forskolin as a weight loss supplement. But how come it has been introduced on the Dr. OZ TV show and bought by many people? How true is it as an effective fat loss?

The Scientific Evidence behind Forskolin For Weight Loss

A certain scientific trial assessed the body composition of 15 men for twelve weeks with the intake of pure Forskolin. According to the study, men who took Forskolin showed significant effects in their body composition. This means that they lost body fat mass, and the lost fat was replaced with somewhat improved strong lean muscle mass.

A non-fat loss related study showed great results in men who took Forskolin. Experts found that the subjects who took pure Forskolin gained an increased free testosterone levels and bone density. For that matter, they believed that men will be benefited more than women in line with the intake of Forskolin.

Dr. Oz also proved that Forskolin worked for weight loss. He resembled it to a fire burning the fat in the human body.

While there are not enough evidences of Forskolin research for weight loss, it seems that it works wonders for reducing body fat. No adverse effects were mentioned in all trials and studies. But individuals who plan to take Forskolin should always consult their doctor before taking it.

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