Technology Behind Mac File Transfer Software

With the development of the android operating system it has been easier to use an Android file transfer mac software. This can be done using the USB cable, bluetooth and wifi. The USB cable is the most preferred means of transfer since it is cost effective and you don`t need to pay for internet services unlike wifi.

With an android file transfer mac software, such as snappea one can install android applications with your mac. For instance if you are using snappea usbtransfer software you need to install it in your mac. Enable USB debugging option in your android device and when you connect it with your mac, it automatically connects. If your using wifi you just have to scan the wifi networks available and when you connect the two devices you are ready to transfer files.

These transfer software’s have enabled us to install software’s directly to your android devices from your mac. You can even create backup for your files such as messages and contacts and store them in your mac. If your android device later erases files accidentally, one can retrieve them from your computer.

Wifi has an advantage over USB since it is not limited to small distance. Using bluetooth is another option but it is not really common. Bluetooth is really slow compared to wifi and USB cable since it transfers one file at a time to your mac. Most file transfer programs do not use bluetooth as a way of file tansfer. Using bluetooth is more limiting since one cannot install android applications directly from your computer.

Android file transfer mac programs depends on the memory of your android device. If your device has a large memory you can transfer many files from your mac to your devices. The file transfer speed also matter. If you are using a mac with a very fast processor, transferring files will be faster and much easier and if you are using a mac that is slow, file transfer will be slower.

Larger files also depend on fast computers. If your are transferring large files, it will be much easier when using fast computer since it will transfer at a faster rate. The advantage of transfer software’s is that they can multi-task, meaning that they can send many files to your mac, while at the same time getting files from your android devices and creating backup at high speeds.

If you want transfer files use an Android file transfer mac program and use a USB cable or wifi since thy are very fast and are easy for file transfer.

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Top 5 Reasons To Use A Screen Protector Made Out Of Tempered Glass


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If you are serious about your device protection, then it is advisable to add an extra layer on top of your normal phone screen. Considering a variety of screen protectors in the market, tempered glass is definitely one of the best glass screen protector with reasons to support. Below are Top 5 Reasons to Have Tempered Glass Screen Protector on your device.

What is a Tempered Glass? This is a glass that is made through controlled chemicals plus a thermal treatment to boost its strength. In the first place the glass is heated and then cooled rapidly in presence of blowers. From this, one of the surface is cooled more faster than the other leaving it compressed while the other surface is left in tension. This makes the glass more stronger 5-10 times than normal glass protectors.

Top 5 Reasons to Have a Tempered glass Screen Protector

With the mode and the method of the tempered glass preparation, the following are five reasons you should have the glass as your screen protector on top of the normal screen.

1) It is More Durable – The main and biggest reason on the top 5 reasons to have a tempered glass screen protector is because of its durability. These glasses durabilityare hardened up to 2.5D hence you will never worry about the screen display if you happen to carry your phone in the same pocket with keys and coins. Tempered glass has the ability to resist scratches from sharp pointed objects. The glass also absorb shock any time you drop your gadget hence it protects your display. Any time your phone falls, the tempered glass shatter into small pieces leaving your screen display intact.

2) Better Texture and Feel – If you touch the tempered glass screen protector on your screen you feel as if the glass protector is not even there. You will feel better touching the glass compared to other plastic screen protectors. The glass durability extends the feel hence it will have a long run. The glass also gets rid of grease from dirty fingers.

3) Easy to Clean – As for other screen guards, the scratches accumulate and make them harder to clean. With Tempered glass Screen Protector it is different. It comes with an oleophobic coating which resist scratches and also fingerprints. Not only are they easy to clean, it is also extremely easy to learn how to apply them, and you can learn that at

4) Outdoor Visibility – The other conventional plastic, glossy and matte finish screen guards affects the device outdoor visibility. On the other hand, tempered glass will never affect outdoor visibility if well installed.

5) Sharpness or Clarity – With tempered glass screen protector, you will never have your device colors, image quality or sharpness display affected. If you like watching movies or images in your smart phone, tempered glass screen protector is the one you should go for.

Check out this video of extreme tests on a tempered glass screen protector.